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Daydreaming Fodder

Daydreaming is something most people can admit to doing at least once a day. Daydreaming is admittedly something that I fall into on a much more frequent basis. With graduation approaching I have found that the idea of entering the work force has crept into my every thought, daydreams included. No longer do I daydream about random scenarios or worldly journeys, I now find myself picturing my dream careers, office spaces, and ideal life after May.

This past week my “real world” daydreams were given a heavy New York influence with my trip to Hearst Tower. Hearst Tower is the global headquarters to Hearst Corporation and for a millennial that is very into both print journalism and the digital sphere it is the closest thing that I have to a Mecca.

Myself, Matt, and Lauren (L-R) waiting for our tour of Hearst Tower.

Myself, Matt, and Lauren (L-R) waiting for our tour of Hearst Tower.

The timing of this trip could not have been more perfect for seniors like myself because it gave us a chance to picture what our lives could be. Honestly,  while waiting to go on our tour of the building even just the idea of swiping through security made me excited me about the future. As I sat in the sun-bathed open lobby I watched the people that worked there ascend the escalators and elevators to their magically mysterious jobs within the structure. I imagined which of the 46 floors they were going to and just what exactly there job was. Eventually I realized that while doing this I was already daydreaming, I then switched to imagining myself in a dream position, I imagined sitting behind an eccentrically decorated desk either writing content or managing a digital platform for publications like Cosmopolitan or Good Housekeeping (I have diverse tastes, I know).

While on the tour of the awe-inspiring building I could not help imagining myself taking in the city views from the 46 floor building on a daily basis or grabbing a coffee across the street during a quick lunch break. While listening to the presentation about where Hearst started to where it is headed in the future I kept thinking how I wanted to be a part of that future, no matter how small.

My optimistic day dreaming could have been in part due to the creative open spaces, banks of elevators that climb dozens of floors in seconds, or the friendly executives that gave us time out of their day, but something in that building made the future feel welcoming.

There is just something about Hearst Tower that made everything seem possible while there. Before my apprehensive feelings about graduation return I am going to continue to watch the job postings at Hearst and continue to dream about what can happen come May.

What do you think?

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