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Navigating the Education Job Search with Amie Walter ’13

We know that there are a lot of education majors out there and maybe, just maybe, this will help you! I recently got in contact with Amie Walter a 2013 English Adolescence Education alumna who just landed a job at Middletown Enlarged City School District in Middletown, NY as a 6th and 7th grade ELA teacher. Amie talked about how mock interviews and resume critiques are the key to staying strong in a professional interview and showing that you are the best applicant there.

Photo Courtesy of Amie Walter

Photo Courtesy of Amie Walter

But Amie had some advice for future teachers too! “In every teaching position, there are hundreds of applicants for one job and it is your resume that can make or break you.” When asked about what services she found the most helpful, she replied, “For teaching, the site I used most for job searching was OLAS. If you are going to be graduating with a teaching degree or you possess one, get on OLAS immediately. It is a website of most of the teaching positions in NYS divided by regions. A lot of districts only take applications through OLAS now a days.”

I know what you’re saying, “What do I do?! This is all so much to handle!” Amie says, “If you are preparing to start that job hunt yourself, I would say, to never give up. Might sound cheesy, but no matter how many times you are tired of going to the post office to mail, yet again, another application, or to check your email to find it empty of perspective employers, you will get that phone call. And when it does, have your resume handy. Oh and another thing. Never have just one interview outfit. Have a backup, or three handy. Because sometimes, the second interview is the NEXT day and you have nothing professional to wear!” I’ll cover interview outfits in another one of my blogs-so stay tuned!

Job searching may seem like a lost cause, but always refer to the Career Center whenever you’re stressed out and always have us take a look at your resume-that’s what we’re here for!


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