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Welcome to Finals!

At this point in the semester, I get very little sleep because I am working on final projects. I’ve basically moved into Lima Lab ๐Ÿ™‚ The lab is full of students every night because we are all trying to make sure that we do well during finals. I know that summer vacation is just around the corner, so I do not mind staying up late to get work done. When I finally get to my bed, this is how it feels:

Before Sleep

My body is drawn to the cool, cotton sheets. I rest my head and fall through the bed in one fluid motion. Large bubbles pop against my skinโ€”they tingle. I stop falling and my limbs float. In this empty realm, pink and silver clouds burst before my eyes and release streams of steaming oils that massage my face and neck. They roll down thick and fragrant through my hair. Lavender lingers as the waves of oil rush below me.

A yawn rumbles within, shaking upward, filling my cheeks, and pries my lips apart. I open my mouth wide to free the breath. I inhale sweet lavender. She journeys through my body, stretching herself to fill every tip of me. I feel light again. I close my eyes and see flashes of red, blue, orange, neon-green. They splash, mix and repel one another. My head spins, my body shakes and I am lifted.

There is a vacuum I cannot see. A silent suction yanks the taste, the scent of lavender from me. Oil splatters against my back as it is forced out of my hair, off my face and back into the pink and silver clouds above me. The clouds evaporate and the bubbles reform against my body. My head finally reaches the pillow.

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