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Fall Fun

This past weekend I was able to have tons of fun with ALANA. I was happy to go with my fellow students to Liberty Ridge Farm where we took part in some Autumn schenanigans. There was a lot to do and see, we were able to feed animals, race rubber duckies and race in giant gerbil wheels. Fall is the season to be outside and October is definitely the month to Haunt. Especially when paired with cider doughnuts and apple cider, anywhere you go fun is sure to happen. On this trip that was clear as day, even when the sun went down and things got a little creepy with all the great haunted attractions!

Let’s face facts here, while I lucked out with a great group taking me for a tiny fee, fall fun isn’t easy on the wallet. I’ve definitely used the term broke college student once or twice and sometimes it really is the case. Fall is my favorite  season and it’s that way for a lot of people but how do we celebrate on a budget?

I miss having decorations :/!!! First off my friends- have no fear the are dollar stores near! I know I’d love to go and get my decorations from beloved novelty stores but it’s just not do able when you’re saving up for the Winter Holidays. Dollar stores have most everything you need to make your dorm room or common room spooktacular the entire first floor of Golub was decorated for $11 by yours truly. Also fall leaves make awesome decorations, make a pretty design on your wall with some free fall nature.

That’s awesome but I want to dress up! Now I know a lot of people make their costumes and that is fantastic and a more affordable way to go. If you’re like me though anything we attempt to make will ultimately become a wad of frustration and material in the corner, sad but true. So go simple rummage through that wardrobe & figure it out. Easy peasy ideas that are straight from your dresser draw are ninjas, zombies (ladies you’re five make up minutes from popping out of your grave), and decades costumes (put that cardigan to work people and that old ti dye camp t-shirt). But if you’re sick of drawing whiskers on your face or if you treat Halloween like your birthday and want to go buy a costume GET COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spirit of Halloween has amazing deals and all you have to do is like them on Facebook or give them your email, then let the savings roll on in.

Find fall fun for affordable prices all you have to do is look!!!

Have other ways to make the season awesometastic? Leave a comment!

Inspiration is everywhere! (photo credit: Chérie Ruiz)

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