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Family Weekend

I took this photo while volunteering & selling t-shirts! There are always ways to get involved at Saint Rose!

I’m Chérie, the newest member of the Saint Rose Blog team! I am freshman Psychology Major and if you’re interested in all things Saint Rose this blog is the place to be, but also follow me on twitter @StroseCPR2016 !

The weekend of October 21-23 we got to see our families and friends come to this place we call home. There’s no better feeling than being able to show those you care about that you’re making things happen. Personally I didn’t have any visitors but still had tons of fun volunteering on Saturday, happiness is generally contagious.

With the array of activities going on it was hard not to be somewhere doing something. Friday night Hair of the Dog was playing a fun favorite, especially if you couldn’t make it to Irish fest. Then Saturday was great, I think my handwriting analyses was spot on, they knew such crazy things from my writing, even that my stomach was bothering me, which was amazing because I hadn’t visited the dinning hall yet and was hungry. I’m easy to impress but they even knew that my friend had a scar on her knee, she was definitely wearing jeans so they couldn’t have seen, and explained after that she’d gotten it at Fall Classic the previous year. I was sporting my Family Weekend t-shirt  and my airbrushed tattoo was pretty snazzy if I do say so myself!

All together it was just nice to see everyone so happy. I love when people visit me and it’s not just because I get to be a tour guide, but because Saint Rose is becoming very important to me and it’s comforting to see the important people in your life enjoying what you love.

I like when everything comes together if only for a few moments now and again, it’s so rewarding when it does. Our loved ones push us and to have them come to our college is just a well-timed reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing. Not just to be successful and prosperous but also to see the look of pure pride on their faces as we did when we graduated high school. As a daughter and a big sister I’ve got four major faces that come to mind when things get challenging and with their help Saint Rose is going to be the experience and stepping stone I need it to be.

So if I’m saying anything its keep yourself connected with home and the time away will only become more and more worth it! What was your favorite part of Family Weekend? Who motivates You? Leave a comment and let me know! Don’t Forget to follow my Saint Rose Twitter @StroseCPR2016 !!!

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