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Feeling the Love?

Today is LOVE day!

Do you feel loved?

I think we all get caught up in the red and pink hearts that are displayed all around, the chocolate, and cards that we hope to receive on Valentine’s Day. It is hard not to focus on the overt expressions of affection on a holiday that is all about showing one’s love in a BIG way. It is also hard to escape if you do not have a significant other by the time February 14th rolls around 🙁 All the major television channels schedule back to back romance films and sitcoms. Some people want to hibernate today and ignore all the signs of love.

It’s understandable–some people get sad or feel lonely without a girlfriend or boyfriend to buy them candy and post love songs on their Facebook walls. I think it is interesting that we focus so much on love one day out of the year. Love should be important every day. Romantic love is just one form of love and it is not the most significant. Don’t hate the holiday, just learn to appreciate all of the love that comes your way!

Today, I feel loved because:

  • I am alive to see another Valentine’s Day
  • I got a number of lovely texts to brighten my day <3
  • Some friends and I (The Golden Notes) sang love songs to people on campus yesterday. We also sang to our parents!
  • I got an excellent grade on one of my papers–my effort is recognized and appreciated
  • My mom bought me a flower that dances in the sun

Just in case no one has sent you a love song, here’s one from The Golden Notes:


What are some of the reasons you feel loved? Come on, I know you have plenty!


What do you think?

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