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Fire Ants, Sun Burns and Fried Chicken.

Today was the first work day for our team in the Lower Ninth Ward. Right now, I am using an ancient Dell computer in the volunteer lounge of Camp Restore. This keyboard is really difficult to type on so I am going to make this a brief blog post.

Today has been very interesting for many reasons. One being I just got back from a Popeye’s run. Well…what should have been a Popeye’s run, they were closed! I’ve never been there before so I was curious to try it. I know, I know “You’re in New Orleans! Why would you eat Popeye’s?” Biscuits, people. It’s all about the biscuits, okay also the fried chicken. There is literally fried chicken EVERYWHERE. It has kind of been the running joke between all of us. There’s a fried chicken place connected to anything you could possibly imagine. Gas stations, Chinese food, and even doughnuts. It’s nuts.

Anyway, today was a long and tough day, which really sets the tone for the week. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we’re so excited! We are doing various projects through, a non profit that has been working on the rebuild for several years. Like Kayla, I spent my day on garden duty. I work in a greenhouse over the summer and I even spent a week in Washington DC doing work on a “farm” (or garden) but I have NEVER been pushed harder in that sort of setting and I didn’t have the toughest job! It was a really great experience though. The skills learned will be used for a long time to come. The only disadvantage from today is being sun burned from head to toe, even after putting on sun block! I also was attack by fire ants. Ouch. They hurt when the bite!

We accomplished a lot today! The other half of our group spent the day on a roof and they got a lot of work done too! It was so exciting to see everyone’s positivity and reactions to the day. There is still a lot of work to be done here but we are ready and up for the challenge! Keep a look out for more posts from myself, Kayla or Myles throughout the week! I hope everyone is enjoying their break 🙂


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