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First and Foremost

Hello there, fellow Golden Knights! I’m Emily Meier, Communications major by day and Netflix enthusiast by night. You’ll often see me with a venti Starbucks cup in my hand and earbuds in my ears but that doesn’t mean I’m not social, I’m most likely late to class and needed a little motivation to keep myself awake for the next hour and fifteen minutes.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Meier

Photo Courtesy of Emily Meier

So what I do here at the Career Center is blog and check Twitter and Facebook. I basically get paid for doing what I do when I sit in the sauna that we often call the third floor of Brubacher. Cool, right? Well we can’t all have jobs that just require teenage computer “skills” and a good wifi connection so the Career Center is here at Saint Rose to help you land a job in the dreaded “real world.” So it’s almost like a self help book but you can talk to real people!

I’ve had so many jobs, from rolling burritos at Moe’s Southwest Grill to taking photos of bands at Upstate Concert Hall in nearby Clifton Park. Here, you can find a new blog post every other week about the latest and greatest tips for success-and maybe even a recommendation of where to go and what to do in Albany when all of your studying is complete.

As I sign off for this week’s post, I’ll leave you with an inspiring quote from Ricky Bobby, “If ya ain’t first, you’re last.” What that means is entirely up to you to decide but have a safe, fun weekend everyone!


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