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Four steps to admissions interview success

College student standing in front of the NY State Capital Building

1. Show up on time — early is better. You only get one chance to make a good first impression! If you’re not sure where to go, print out a map and give yourself enough time to find the right building/office. Feeling rushed will only stress you out more! Organize your resume and/or portfolio the night before, and bring a notebook, pen, and a list of questions to ask. Click here to find an interactive Saint Rose campus map and directions. 

2. Dress up-ish. Leave the matching sweatsuit at home. Show the interviewer that you take this opportunity seriously by dressing for success! We get that you’re a senior in high school, so your professional attire may be limited. Regardless of what your clothes look like, look like you tried to make an effort!

Watch our mascot Fear learn the dos and don’ts of an admissions interview:

3. Be positive. Most admissions counselors want to see that you’re interested and have a positive attitude! Make sure your passion and enthusiasm for attending their school show through. And, also, relax! Be your awesome self, and they’ll be singing your praises in no time.

4. Be prepared to talk about yourself. You talk about yourself all the time — with friends, family, teachers, neighbors, siblings, etc. Who else knows more about you, than you? But, in case you’re unsure of what to say or are feeling a little nervous, it doesn’t hurt to practice with a friend or family member. Do this several times until you feel confident and relaxed. Most importantly, be yourself!

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