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Getting out there

 I’ve never been too great with first impressions, so as you can imagine I was worried about making friends. I knew I would have my roommate, and a couple people I knew from back home but I was still nervous. The way I looked at it was; I’m just a tiny little freshman walking onto campus among a couple thousand people who already have their friend groups, and their favorite times to eat/where to sit. I mean for crying out loud I didn’t even know any of the shortcuts throughout campus.

This is why I am so fortunate that I joined the swim team.

WARNING: I’m going to sound like your mom and all of your high school teachers, but trust me when I say this– join a team, or some type of club/organization. It may sound weird but chances are you’ll meet some really great friends in doing so! I know I have! Some of the people on the swim team are my best friends.

Here at Saint Rose we are fortunate to have so many clubs. So, if you’re not an “athletic person” no need to fear. Just to name a couple clubs there are: Late Knight, which is basically a bunch of games and fun activities like the “silent library” contest and bingo; or you may wish to join the LEAD program, which looks really great on a future resume (it’s essentially the gift that keeps on giving).

Just something to think about your first year at college!

Good luck fellow Golden Knights! Enjoy the rest of this rainy week!

P.S.- I’ve found all the campus shortcuts and…always remember your umbrella when you leave for school.

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