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Getting Sick?

Please excuse my short post this week. I’m feeling a little under the weather. I guess I shouldn’t have ridden my bike so much in February…But it’s so nice out, I couldn’t resist.  Here a little video to express exactly how I feel…

Sometimes I wish I had a time machine.  There are so many things I wish I could tell myself to prepare for. For instance last week I would have told myself, “ Run to bus stop you’re about to be 15 seconds too late”, or to prepare to trip over anything. (I’m clumsy) Mostly, it’s about being sick. It really is the worst. I have a very busy schedule between classes, SEB, interning  and work. So when it comes to being ill, I just don’t have time.


Every year, I have had to go to health services at least once even if it was just to check if I was okay. They are a great resource for students who have concerns or who are just sick. The clinic hours are good for any schedule and they are almost like a, “Campus Parent.” Except they don’tkiss it to make it feel better…that might be creepy. From cuts and scrapes to an ear infection, they can help and prescribe medication (Oh, that rhymes).

The availability of a nurse practitioner or doctor on campus has definitely calmed my mother’s nerves when she uses her Spidey Senses to hear I have a cold. Also, they know when they have to send students to an emergency center or the hospital and can help arrange it. The best part is, going to health services is free for all students.

I think I should probably head over there right now…


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