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Golden Knight Spotlight: Ben Kapuscinski

Golden Knight Spotlight is a student-athlete profile series run by Alexander Lawrence ’18 in coordination with Golden Knights Athletics staff.

Ben (12) running for SR

Ben (12) running for SR

Ben Kapuscinski

Sport: Track and Cross Country (distance runner)
Seacliff, NY
Class Year:
Major:  Accounting (B.S./M.S. 5-year program)
Favorite study spot:
Basement of the library
Favorite food: Chipotle
One Interesting Fact about yourself: I can jump over a 6’2 person.

Most memorable moment or game: “This year at regionals for cross country. I ran the 10k and placed 33rd in the NCAA East Regional championships. That’s really when I separated myself from being good to being able to compete for championship events.”

What set SR apart from other schools:
“Probably because Albany is a city and I wanted to go to school in a city area. They also have very good business program here.”

Why SR Track and Cross Country:
“The fact that we face Division I schools and we’re a Division II school. They had the competition I was looking for. I wanted to compete at a high level and wanted to remain in the city.”

How you got involved:
“I started running track when I was 16. I was a sophomore in high school when I tried out for track. I mainly played basketball my whole life until my friend Travis convinced me to try out for track. I was going for a run one night with my brother (Dan) and he told me to try also.”


How do you prepare before a game: “Michelle Lujan (fellow teammate) and I always eat ice cream the night before a meet.”


Ben (far left) and fellow teammates Michelle Lujan (second to your left), Amber Goodspeed (second to your right) and Jesse Petrucci (far right)

Ben (far left) and fellow teammates Michelle Lujan (second to your left), Amber Goodspeed (second to your right) and Jesse Petrucci (far right)

My Comments/ takeaway from the interview: Ben has had an enjoyable first two years running track and has accomplished a lot thus far in his time here at Saint Rose. Kapuscinski is seeking his masters in accounting. “The team has progressed a lot since I first walked into the program. We’re losing some guys so now we’re about to enter a rebuilding year next year,” Kapuscinski said. “On the track field I think my teammates have helped me slow down in practice and do more quality work-outs. Off the track field my cross country team has become my family. The distance and mid-distance guys always have each other’s back,” Kapuscinski said about his teammate’s impact on him. Ben has worked hard to get where he is today considering he had a late start to his track and cross country career. He’s put a lot of hard work into making himself a devoted and competitive runner. I got the sense that the skies the limit for Kapuscinski when interviewing him. He still has a lot to offer Saint Rose and I am excited to see what else he accomplishes while he continues to run here. He’s a very caring and competitive athlete and I think is developing well considering his late start. He’s a capable young man with a lot of upsides. My interview had a very calm and nice feel to it. I went to a Saint Rose track meet recently and got to see Ben run and boy was it a sight to see. I think Ben has made his mark on the team and will only continue to do so with the help of his fun-loving teammates.

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Ben having fun with some of his friends

Ben having fun with some of his friends



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