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Golden Knight Spotlight: Nicolette Miciotta

Golden Knight Spotlight is a student-athlete profile series run by Alexander Lawrence ’18 in coordination with Golden Knights Athletics staff. 

Nicolette Miciotta

Nicolette (right) and her friend Lizzie Tripoli (left)

Nicolette (right) and her friend Lizzie Tripoli (left)

Sport: Cheerleading (Flyer) 

Hometown:  Clifton Park, NY
Class Year:
Major: Special/ Elementary Education
Favorite study spot:
The library
Favorite food: Lasagna

Most memorable moment or game: “When I went to worlds, which is a huge cheerleading competition event. It was great because we got to compete against other countries cheer teams. We did really well and American teams don’t usually do all that well, but we did. I was the youngest on the team so I felt the pressure. I think I did everything I was supposed to.”

What set SR apart from other schools: 

“It was a private school and the elementary program here was really well-known. It was close to home and I love being close to home. It’s very family oriented,  I’m very family oriented. I also really liked the class sizes and I went to a big high school.”

Why SR Cheerleading: 
“I had a friend on the cheer team here. I didn’t want to go to Louisville. I didn’t want to focus just on cheer and Saint Rose gave me the chance to focus on cheer and my academics.”

How you got involved: 
“I was five when I first started cheerleading. I was doing junior plainsmen and pee-football cheer. When I was in 6th grade, I tried out for All-Star cheer. My brother Salvatore did basketball. My mom was a cheerleader in high school and she really got me into cheering.” 

Nicolette (right)  with teammates Kristen Cabana (center) and Grace Giancola (left)

Nicolette (right) with teammates Kristen Cabana (center) and Grace Giancola (left)


My Comments/ takeaway from the interview: 

Nicolette is one of the four first-year students selected on the cheerleading team. She’s the smallest on the team, but is a very energetic and caring teammate. She has worked to be where she’s at today and to play the sport she loves most. Nicolette made it a priority that if she was going to cheer it had to be a place where she was going to get a good education. “When we first started (cheer) I thought we’d be awesome and we were. We’re losing four bases and a key to our team. All of our skills mesh well together. I would be nothing without my bases who lift me up,” Miciotta said. “Only four-first year students made the team, including myself, and the upperclassmen really helped me adjust to college cheer. They helped me with stunts I had never done before. We bond pretty often and this is like a family to me,” Miciotta had to say about how her teammates have helped her. Nicolette is very thankful for her teammates. She’s a very spirited and motivated person and has made for a great addition to the Saint Rose community. During my interview I saw a kind-hearted woman who just wants to excel at everything she does and I see no reason as to why she can’t.

Nicolette doing what she loves

Nicolette doing what she loves

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