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Good to know: color science connects Lisha Deming Glinsman ’82 to world’s masterpieces

If Lisha Deming Glinsman, ’82 had listened to her high school self and simply quit chemistry class, she never would have studied chemistry at The College of  Saint Rose, never would have met professor Sister Mary Rehfuss, never would have learned how chemistry and art connect and, oh …, never mind.

Click here to read all about Glinsman’s route from reluctant chemistry student to advanced color expert, a PhD who works as a conservation scientist at the National Gallery of Art.

Pass the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer! Lisha Deming Glinsman ’82, (right,) analyzes Ginevra de’ Benci, the only Leonardo da Vinci portrait in the western hemisphere. As conservation scientist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.D.C. she gets so close to the world’s great masterpieces that she finds it hard to keep her hands off when she visits museums in her free time. (Photo credit: National Gallery of Art)


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