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Good to Know: Maureen Conroy ’72, math major with a stellar story

Here’s a good lesson for who was ever really, really good at one thing and really, really interested in another:

You can use one to get to the other.

Case in point is Maureen Conroy, a gifted math student and fan of space exploration who landed in a field that combines both, as a software designer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. There, among other things, she headed the team that designed software for the famous Chandra space telescope.

And although, as Conroy is quick to note, she is not an astronomer, her work quite clearly applies math and technology to man’s, and woman’s,  enormous reach to the sky.  Click  here to read about Maureen Conroy

Maureen Conroy '72 designs software at the Smithsonian-Harvard Center for Astrophysics, in Cambridge, Mass.

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