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Great Reception

On Monday, December 5, 2011 approximately 100 guests gathered on the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower for The College of Saint Rose’s annual holiday reception. The guests consisted of alumni, a few current student scholars, and representatives of the Hearst Corporation and Hearst Foundations. Saint Rose Trustee George R. Hearst III has been very kind to sponsor the reception at the Hearst Tower for the past four years.

I have been a Hearst Scholar for four years. As a Hearst Scholar, I get the opportunity to meet with Mr. Hearst throughout the year to give him updates on my academics and future plans. He has given me great advice about the opportunities available after college. Another benefit of being a Hearst Scholar is that I get invited to awesome gatherings like the holiday reception in New York City. Mr. Hearst invited Raven, another Hearst Scholar, and I at the Rose of Lima dinner a few months ago. Because of his gracious invitation, Raven and I joined a number of alumni and trustees for the bus ride to New York City Monday morning.

The Hearst Tower is absolutely gorgeous. It has massive glass windows all around that expose a breath-taking view of Manhattan. Even the lobby is magnificent. There is a three-story water feature that looks and sounds like a waterfall. Holiday decorations such as wreaths, lights, and one grand Christmas tree added to the majesty of the building.

The reception had an intimate atmosphere. It was an extraordinary opportunity to meet people that have a love for and commitment to the College of Saint Rose. President R. Mark Sullivan gave a speech near the end of the event about the recent developments at the College, such as the construction of Centennial Hall and Huether School of Business. He was also extremely proud to announce that our women’s soccer team won the national championship this year. We even had the trophy to show!

The reception was amazing. It was great to be in a room filled with people that believe in the institution that I am a part of. I was proud to be a student and a Hearst scholar. It was definitely the perfect way to take my mind off finals!

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