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Greetings from the United Kingdom!

Hey guys!

My name is Sam Crocker and I’ll be joining the college this fall as freshman to study Business Administration or Communications. I will also be part of the men’s soccer team. The thing that probably sets me apart from the average Saint Rose student is that I will be travelling all the way from England to go to college! This means that I haven’t grown up in an environment that has taught me how US college works and so I will be speaking to you as someone who is learning what college is like as they go along! Sure, there will be some similarities with British education but I’m expecting plenty of interesting differences too and I’m looking forward to sharing them all with you.

What’s even stranger is that I have never even visited Albany or The College of Saint Rose before, so you will be seeing Saint Rose through the eyes of somebody with hardly any preconceptions or expectations. I’d like my blog to be something that shows others who are unsure of what college is like to understand what is involved and what it is like to be a student-athlete.

Expect to find some posts educational and enlightening as I share my view of college with you but I would anticipate even more will make you think “How did he not know that?!” or “They don’t have that in England?!” Whatever your reaction, I always intend to make whatever I post interesting and entertaining.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer as much as I’m planning to and I look forward to posting to you again shortly!

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