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Halloween Weekend: A Spooky Sight


Halloween weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends in the college world. Everyone (or mostly everyone) dresses up in costumes and meet up with their friends for a night out in the town. Although it is one of the most fun weekends of the school year, it is important to remember that our safety is above having fun. So here are some tips to ensure that you have a fun (but safe!) Halloween weekend!

  1. It’ll be pretty chilly out, so make sure you bring along a sweater and/or scarf to keep yourself warm when walking to your destination(s).
  2. Don’t walk alone! Try to walk with a group or with a friend. Although there will be a lot of people out, some may not have the right intentions.
  3. Go outside with a fully charged phone. You never know if you may need to use your phone for other reasons than to document your awesome weekend. Add in campus security‘s phone number just in case an emergency arises.
  4. For the ladies: carry a small purse or wristlet for your personal belongings instead of a big bag that you will not want to carry. It’s easier to keep track of your belongings and it’ll keep them safe and close to you. Inside you can carry your phone, money, and make-up if you’re wearing any.

Those are some helpful tips that I’ve developed in the past three years. So go out and have fun– but always remember to be safe!

Happy Halloween!tumblr_inline_ncmiehUcAa1rpglid

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