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Hello from the MV Explorer!

Embarking on the MV Explorer

Today is day two of classes (not sure what I’m talking about? I’m here!) and early this morning we passed over the Equator! We left Puntarenas, Costa Rica on Monday and will be in Callao, Peru on Friday. I have classes and hour of work study every day while at sea and I don’t have any responsibilities while in port. I am taking a Caribbean Literature course that will count towards my Saint Rose English concentration and a Global Studies seminar, which is required for all voyagers. Seminar is a class of about 300 and we are focusing on the Millennium Development goals of the United Nations.

Having class on the ship took a little getting used to. It rocks a bit, especially toward the front of the ship, where we have the seminar class. I’m getting used to it now, and sometimes I can’t even feel it. I’ve learned a lot already, but one thing that is important to know about Semester at sea is this:

  • It’s a ship, not a boat. A boat can fit on a ship (lifeboats) but a ship cannot fit on a boat
  • It’s a voyage, not a cruise. If it were a cruise I wouln’t have homework, presentations, and exams.
  • The ship has decks, not floors.

There are some people on the ship besides college students and crew. We have Lifelong Learners, who are 40 year of age or older that just want to learn about the world and audit our classes. It’s really interesting to hear the opinons of a different generation and hear about their experiences. We also have 32 children on board. They are here with their family members that work for Semester at Sea or Life Long Learners.

Keep checking in for more blogs about my voyage and trips in the countries!


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