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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Hello Grad School Life, So We Meet Again!

Representing both of my institutions this semester 🙂

Last week was very exciting week in every aspect of my academic and professional life (which are at this time intricately intertwined).

Over winter break, I felt pretty anxious about this semester.  My schedule is heavier than it has been in a few semesters, and each activity making up my schedule is requiring me to push the boundaries of my professional skills more than ever.  I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling excited rather than anxious once January 14th finally came around.

I have decided to label this semester as The Skid-Rose Experience–>

I was able to really start putting my professional skills into practice at my Graduate Assistantship after a semester of shadowing, practicing, and researching techniques.  It is so empowering to be able to use the skills I have developed from class and training to help others develop their skills.  I really recommend applying for graduate assistantships as a means for gaining professional experience in graduate school.

I also had my first classes on Monday and Wednesday night: Consultation, Training, and Organizational Change and Case Studies in Higher Education.  In Consultation we are learning how to engage in the activities listed in the course title through public speaking and workshop facilitation skills development.  Case Studies gives my classmates and I an opportunity to discuss legal and ethical challenges that higher education administrators face in a staff meeting format.  We literally pushed all of the small tables in our Albertus classroom together to form one large table.

I also had my first days of internship at Skidmore College in Saratoga, NY.  I am working in the Student Academic Services office (similar to Saint Rose’s Academic Support Center) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  My supervisor and I have come up with several great opportunities I can participate in and projects to work on this semester.  I will be participating in regular staff and committee meetings; working with students one-on-one to provide assistance with study skills, time management, writing and additional academic support; conducting workshops for staff and students on campus; and hopefully have an opportunity to write an article that could be published in an academic journal on disability.  This is really exciting for me since publishing articles is in my long-term plan ;).

Some topics I plan to blog about this semester include:

1. The transition from a student to professional
2. Tips on getting the most out of your internship experience and internship etiquette
3. Reflections on conducting workshops for students
4. Possibly an entry on time management from what I will be learning working with students
5. A couple more Homework Cafe stories
6. All in all, getting the most out of Saint Rose while I still can!

What do you think?

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