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Hello from Ireland!

*NOTE* The formatting of Brian’s post is being a little finicky for us right now. We believe this is because he is posting from outside the country and we are working on it. Read on to learn why he is outside of the U.S.!

My name is Brian Goepfrich and I am a Junior at The College of Saint Rose studying History and Political Science. I am originally from Carmel, NY about two hours south of the College of Saint Rose. Going to Saint Rose has allowed me many different opportunities in academics and in extracurricular activities. Going to Saint Rose you easily get involved and I am involved in many organizations and clubs. Some of the these organizations and clubs I am involved with are Adventure Club, Phi Alpha Theta, Students Event Board, Student Association, Pep Band, and countless others which I attend.

As I said, I am History and Political Science major which is a kind of small major here on campus. Though we are small- we bring a lot to campus. We have some great professors in are department that open your mind to new concepts and ideas. Many students studying continue the conversation of what we are learning outside the classroom. It both fascinating and monumental to be talking to a student who could be the next leader of our country or a great educator. The conversations that spill outside the classroom talk about everything from politically ideology to solving today’s political issues that world faces. Many students who are in the History or Political Science department join the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor society. This is one of the many clubs on campus where students organize talks on politics, create historical and educational lectures, and go on multiple field trip around the north east to different museums. Being a history or political science student is awesome here at Saint Rose.

One of the organizations that I am involved with is the Student Association. I have been a general member for 2 years and I am now the former Vice President. Student Association is a great organization to get involved with here at Saint Rose. This organization is made up of all students representatives who address the concerns and needs of students to administration as well as create events for students.

Student Association Spring 2011

Yet another organization involved in is the College of Saint Rose Pep Band. I got involved my freshman year by actually being a founding member and playing the tuba for the band.  My sophomore year the former director handed over the reins  and I actually became the student director of pep band and had to organize the entire band. It is a fun band to get involved with and we perform at all of the Saint Rose Basketball home games. Finally, by Junior year I worked with faculty members and administration to turn pep band into a one credit music class with supplied funding for uniforms and new instruments. It just shows how many opportunities a student can have to something great at Saint Rose.

Saint Rose Pep Band

At Saint Rose I am also a resident assistant. Many of you may be wondering, “What is a resident assistant ?” Well, as a resident assistant I am put in charge of  a hallway in a residence hall or one of the many houses we have around campus for residents to live in. In many ways the resident assistant looks after the well being of residents by organizing social, educational, and diversity programs and by trying to get the residents involved in campus events and organizations. It has been an awesome and awarding experience being a resident assistant and I recommend all students to apply to become a resident assistant or be work study for the office of Residence Life.

My Residence Life Staff Zone One

During my summers as college student I actually have been given the opportunity to work on campus. My first summer I applied to become a student director a music camp that take place in July at the campus. It turns out that I received that job and I still work it today. Now from May until the end of July I am busy planning, coordinating and running a Saint Rose Summer Youth Music Camp. This such a unique opportunity that I do not believe I could find anywhere else. During the operation of the camp I am responsible for 150 campers and I coordinate and run 3 out of state field trips. It has truly been an amazing experience.

Saint Rose Summer Youth Music Program Faculty and Counselors

This semester I am not actually at the Saint Rose campus. I am taking advantage of another awesome opportunity that Saint Rose has provided and I am studying abroad in Ireland. It has only been a month, but so far this is a trip of a life time. I am getting to experience an entirely different culture and am getting credit for my major by studying European and Irish politics. The classes I take here are fascinating and are giving me a completely new perspective of the world. Aside from classes, I have been traveling throughout Ireland and in April I will be moving around Europe visiting a multitude of different countries. I look forward to sharing the many experiences that I will be having in Ireland, as well as the rest of Europe, with all of you!

The University College of Cork main quad.

Check back here soon for more about my study abroad experience. In the meantime, it would be great to hear from others that have studied abroad! Comment below to share.


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