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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog


Hey, My name is Maria and I am super excited to be a Saint Rose freshman in the fall! I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Isn’t it weird to think that just four short years ago I was nervous about starting high school? It is so weird that I was getting my schedule and making new friends. Now with college, it feels like deja vu.

One of my favorite memories of my senior year was my senior dinner. The senior dinner was so much fun. It was a dinner where we played a lot of games and discussed a lot of memories we had our past four years at the high school. We also watched a video that showed all of our pictures through the years. It was really sad, but also pretty cool to see the pictures of each other as we grew up.

Our senior dinner cake- isn't that cool? The culinary teacher made it look like an owl.

Since graduation, everything is becoming so surreal. I cannot believe I am starting a new journey, just like four years ago.

Recently, I started to go shopping for all of my college dorm items. I am so nervous! I hope that everyone is nice and I make a lot of new friends! I also hope I like all of my professors and that I do really well. I know college is so different from high school! I wonder, who are my good friends going to be ? I wonder, what they are doing right now? Which clubs will join will I join any sports?

Thinking about the future, isn’t it really weird that in four years I will be able to answer all of these questions? I look back at how nervous I was entering high school and I think it was so cute ! I am so excited for Saint Rose and I can’t wait to form new friendships and lasting memories.

What do you think?

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