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Here’s to the Next 1000!

Happy 1000 posts, Saint Rose Blog Page! That’s right, the Saint Rose blog page has officially surpassed that 1000 post milestone. Every blogger has slaved over their laptop, desktop, Saint Rose computer and other electronic medium to bring everyone some quality entertainment. That being said here are (my) top five favorite blogs throughout the years! Happy 1000! (Spoiler Alert: one is my own #sorrynotsorry)


#5) Strose Goals written by Yours Truly


I’m sorry, but yes, I am including my own blog for a few reasons. For starters, I really received a lot of encouraging words from this so I want/need to bring some positive vibes. Second, I had people coming up to me saying that they were going to make their own lists and it really hit me like nothing else has. Sometimes you truly do not understand the impact that your actions have, slowly but surely, I’m learning that. This was just super important in my eyes and I would like to pass on words to those who need it. Don’t be afraid to set goals. Like they say, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


So yeah, I’m proud of this one.


#4) Microwave Monday written by Meghan Kiely and Chris Lovell


I absolutely LOVED Microwave Mondays! I’m currently living off campus and I am not, what they say (what I say), cookery inclined. Like, my cooking experiences in my new home involve frequent pasta making, burning chicken occasionally and microwavable meatballs. Oh, and veggies (don’t worry Mom and Dad). Like I said earlier about microwavable meatballs, I thought, Hey, if I could cook meatballs in there, I bet I can cook other stuff in there too! Thanks to Microwave Monday, I am able to use my microwave in a plethora of ways!


#3) Student Teaching from the Student’s POV – Is the edTPA Effective? written by Genevieve


This blog is super relevant to me as an education major. This blog talks about student teaching from the student teacher’s point of view. Genevieve says, “edTPA stands for Teacher Performance Assessment. In a nutshell, the edTPA is a component in New York State and other states in the country to become a fully certified teacher.” For those interested in education or are maybe just curious as to what we have to go through in order to become a certified teacher, you should DEFINITELY take look at this blog.


#2) “You know you’re from…” ~Saint Rose style~ written By Kayla Germain


I don’t know if this counts as favoritism because Kayla wrote this or because this eventually became a video series which I was included in. However, I read a lot of these and immediately was like, I understand these! I think blogs like these should be brought back because these are all so relatable. I love these; case-closed.


#1) Courtney Carr’s College Cribs


And for my number one blog post, I HAVE to give it to Courtney Carr and her college cribs videos. Courtney’s blog series is without a doubt a staple of Saint Rose life. Even though CoCarr has graduated, her videos are STILL seen every year by students. The views keep going up. The videos are funny literally every single year.


See, Courtney? You are still relevant!


What do you think?

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