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How to Make Some Side Cash During the Fall Semester (and Beyond)

Woman on her phone in the Saint Rose lounge

As a college kid, you’re already busy with school and maybe even work study, too. You may find yourself wishing you had a little extra cash for pizza and coffees, so we rounded up a few of those money-making apps out there that can help line your pockets with some spare change. Look, we’re not saying you’re going to get rich from these. But hey every bit counts, right? 


Take surveys and polls and earn about $1 each (they run about 20 minutes long). Once you hit $35, you can cash out. You can take as many as you want! But at 20 minutes each, you’re putting in more than 11 hours before you can cash your $35 out. Consider this an activity for waiting in line or lazing around in bed. 


If you have an Android, you can use this app to put ads on your phone that you’ll earn money each time you open your device. You don’t have to click them or anything, just swat them away and you could be looking at a beefy $5 to $15 a month. 


Of course, you can head right down to the bookstore to sell books, too, but with this app you can do a little price comparison so you get the must bang for your book. This isn’t exactly extra income because you spent the money already, but at least this app lets you earn back as much of your money as possible. 


Get paid to watch app trailers that are 30 seconds or less. You’ll get 50 cents per video, which you can redeem via gift cards or on PayPal. You can also upload your own videos and get cash for likes.


Get served up an idea, a product, or a website then give your feedback on that thing. Your reward? Cash money, baby.

How much cash does a college kid need, anyway? That’s a great question to ask one of our admissions counselors.

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