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How to WIN at Door Decorating Contests

This year in the Lima Hall Door Decorating Contest, the fourth floor SLAYED. My roommate and I won for our floor, and our next door neighbors took the prize for the whole building! Here’s a picture of my door:


Fun Fact: The grave stones along the bottom read “RIP My Grades,” “RIP My Love Life,” and “RIP My Social Life.”

It was actually super easy to make, too– just took a little bit of time. It was a nice distraction from my homework for sure.

The only thing my roommate and I bought for this project was a pad of construction paper for a dollar. We borrowed some masking tape from my RA and I had some markers already. Oh, and scissors.

All of the actual project was just taping stuff into the right spot, and a being able to cut things out. I taped the house together, taped the sky together, cut the windows out, taped the windows onto the house… you get the idea! (I also added a few things after this picture was taken, like the Wicked Witch of the East’s striped tights and ruby slippers peeking out from under the haunted house.)

What was so nice about this door decorating contest was that it provided such a nice distraction from homework for a few hours. I got to be creative and really dig into a fun project. Distractions are my best friend.

And honestly, sometimes that’s what you need after a long library study sesh– to just get out of the studying mode and do something completely different and fun! That’s my advice for post midterm stress. Take a minute and get out of your head. Do something relaxing or exciting or silly with your friends and enjoy the last leg of the semester.

Signing off,

Amelia Bedelia

PS- I’ll leave you with this, the number one, MVD (most valuable door), fantastic-est door of them all! Congrats girls!


My next-door neighbor’s Marisa Montefusco and Abby Koller’s award winning door.

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