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I Literally Have No Idea….

What happened in the past week. All I know is that somehow it is already September 18th and I have been on campus for over a month.

Somewhere in between August 12th and today I have found the time to get situated, meet my residents (I’m a Resident Assistant remember), hangout with my friends from last year, make new friends from this year, volunteer at RISSE (the refugee program I mentioned before in my blog), go support my awesome roommate from last year at her soccer games, attend 9 classes a week, attend at least 4 meetings a week, eat at Asian Place, AND have time to breath. Oh and I am running a 5k this weekend!

Alexis, Jessie, and Myself at the RA banquet at the end of RA training

Although it may seem like I am buried under a mountain of things, I enjoy doing mostly everything I listed above (I can not say I fully enjoy my 2.5 hour marketing class). I really enjoy being fully involved on campus with my friends and the good thing about being so busy is that I barely have time to miss my parents or dog (sorry Dad, I really do miss you though!). When someone asks me how my day was most of the time I can not think of what I actually did (its like when you change the channel of the TV when there is a commercial and then can not remember what you were watching), but I say it was good with an automatic smile on my face. This is because no matter how long the day or how hard my classes can get I know I am where I belong and am happy to be back in the swing of things at Saint Rose.

My friends Abby and Shannon along with myself having fun at Walmart last week.

What do you think?

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