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I waste so much time.

Every good college student knows that when you have to do homework on the computer, you can’t actually just do homework. Pandora is up, Facebook is up, every mailing website is up, gossip, news,sports, weather, everything else. You name it, you’re looking at that instead of your homework. In all honesty, I am probably the seasoned veteran at this. I hate homework. I hate it hate it hate it. I know I’m supposed to do it and it’s a learning tool and blah blah blah. I don’t care, still hate it.

What I’ve learned to do is, literally schedule, yes SCHEDULE, “Gigi’s internet goof off time”. Yup, I am that cool. It’s really the only way I know I will get anything done. I start doing work an hour before my scheduled time to do work (for example I want to start doing work at 6 but I start at 5) cause I know I will spend at least an hour looking at things I shouldn’t be on the internet. – and by that I mean cute puppies and music videos.

Here are few tips to actually succeed with getting homework done on the internet:

1. Don’t do it late at night. (Ha, college student not doing homework at 1am LOLZ) In my opinion you’re (I’m?) more pron to mind wandering antics. For some reason after 10pm, I stare at rage comics and memes all night….

2. Try to get away from all distractions, ESPECIALLY your phone. Maybe it’s just me but if I’m texting a friend, they’ll say something that reminds me of a YouTube video or TV show then I immediately go to watch it and completely forget to do what I was actually supposed to do.

3. Do your homework with a driven friend. That way, every time they see something distracting you, they will pull you away from it!

That’s the best I got for today. I have to go finish Facebook creepin- I mean reading for English…..

PS: Rock the Build is FRIDAY!

Here’s another way to waste time, this is an AWESOME video – OK Go- Needing/Getting

What do you think?

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