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Interning and Sleep during Senior Year

This semester is already so much different than any other semester at Saint Rose. First of all, being a senior is finally settling in. Last semester there were less time constraints, but now-it’s applications here, post grad programs, apprenticeships, and I’m in a confused ,“ where should I go” mode. Before I go off the deep end into the amount of things you can do after graduating- let me talk about right now and how good this semester has started off.

I’m interning!  It’s scary and great all at the same time. I’m interning at Overit PR on New Scotland Ave, in Albany. Overit PR is a part of Overit Media. They merged in late 2011. Overit Media is a digital agency that offers everything from design and illustration to web development. Check out their portfolio and see if you can recognize some of their past work!

In the first two weeks, I have learned so much about researching and  technology. I have researched things like desktop virtualization, the cloud , and SOPA and PIPA,  that I would have never looked into on my own, but have found  intriguing.  I have even helped prepare documents for clients. It’s really cool to be in a place amongst professionals who love what they do.

In the Public Communications major, the professors help prepare you for internships by making sure you have enough credits, giving a list of local companies (but you are not limited to this), and preparing a contract. See, with Saint Rose you will not be making coffee. In addition to my own adviser, an on-site intern supervisor helps to make sure that during the internship you get real life experience.

So yes, it’s GREAT and I am having fun learning. But this means so many grown-up decisions that I am so anxious over. Before I started, I was so intimidated after checking out their website and seeing all the clients they have worked with. Once I stepped into the office though I was welcomed in with open arms. There is even a Saint Rose graduate working in design at the office.  So no need to be scared.

To get to my internship, I take two quick bus rides on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Thank goodness the CDTA is free with our student IDs. When it gets warmer I can walk because the office is about 17 minutes from my house. (Yes, an obscure 17 minutes- I walked there on the first day because it has been unseasonably warm for January and I wanted  to calm my nervousness.)

Through doing research in the first two weeks, I have learned already so much about the field. I have started to read up on more in the PR and advertising industry and I’m starting to feel like a grow-up. Senior year is making me feel all kinds of fancy (Pinkies up!).I’m getting more sleep than I have had any other semester and it feels great! Even when I have to wake up at 6:30am, I’m alright. I know this, because I’m not just waking up for class, I’m waking up to go learn about something I am passionate about.

So I guess Ke$ha was right, you can wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy- but only if you get eight hours of sleep.


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