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Hello Friends!! My name is Nina Buonarota and I am a new blogger for the The College of Saint Rose. I’m really excited to start because I’ve never really done a blog before! Granted, I have a personal Tumblr that I started in high school, but we all know that reblogging girly pictures of fall, puppies, and funny memes doesn’t really count as a blog. But my blog is going to be different than everyone else’s! It’s mostly going to be pictures…Pictures of events I attend on campus, pictures of things going on around campus (on and off), pictures of crazy adventures with me and my friends. There will definitely be some PICTURES!

Starting with a picture of me!!


My Cousin Nicole and I at a Family Graduation Party This Summer! ( I am on the right )

If you haven’t gotten the picture yet I love photography. It is definitely one of my favorite passions and hobbies and I am currently a photographer on staff for the school’s newspaper The Chronicle (shout out). I am always running around campus snapping a picture at every event I can possibly attend. The reason why I titled this blog as “IT IS STILL FALL PEOPLE” is because I went to numerous events the past few weekends that I want to share with you guys, but for some reason as soon as it turned November 1st everyone and their grandma thought it was okay to sprinkle Christmas everywhere!! (Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas just as much as the next normal sane person) but November is still fall! There is still a holiday in November! Pumpkins, apple cider, pumpkin pie, apples, leaves, cool air and jean jacket weather is still upon us! But nooooo Starbucks brought out the Red Cups, Walmart has the Blow up Santa’s, and the toy commercials have already started. BUT for anyone who doesn’t like to rush the holidays, is pumped to eat some Thanksgiving stuffing, or just wants to know about some events that happened on campus this fall this post is for you.

Take a look at these slide shows of Harvest Fest, The Ghostly Gathering, Lip Sync Battle, Haunted EAC: Zombie Quarantine, and TP the Tree!  Enjoy! 🙂


                                                                             Harvest Fest

 Ghostly Gathering and Lip Sync Battle! 

             Haunted EAC And TP The Tree   



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