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Keep Calm & Career On

For some people, searching for a job can be similar to searching for the Holy Grail; difficult. Everyone seems to want a job, yet somehow no one wants to put the effort into finding one. The Career Center at Saint Rose can be of great assistance in the job search process; stop by to receive tips on what to look for and where. The Career Center offers plenty of resources to make it possible for people to find a job they would like. A few resources include: eCareer Center where one can search for job listings and internships and another is the Recruiting information, where businesses will come to Saint Rose and discuss opportunities to students interested in their company.

6 Job Searching Tips

Sell yourself
-If you cannot believe in yourself, then how will an employer believe in you? Market yourself appropriately so that a potential employer wants to contact you. When it comes to selling yourself you want quality over quantity. Match your skills and assets to those of the position you desire; also, acknowledge the company’s mission and find somewhere for that to fit into your resume or cover letter. The resume and cover letter will get you an opportunity to interview so you must sell yourself before even receiving a face-to-face.

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Reach out to companies
-Is there a company that would be your perfect fit? Is there a company you have been dreaming of working with since you were young? Contact them. A company may not have job or internship postings, but simply reaching out to them will allow recognition of your name.

Obtain a temporary position
-Your fortune 500 company may not be hiring, however a temporary job allows for resume building and steady income. Economically everyone is different, but everyone needs money. It is better to obtain a part-time retail position than to have no position at all. While job searching it is important to have a job because if not, companies will wonder what you have been doing (if not making money).

Hit the ground running
-Yes, this is literal. Print out twenty or even fifty resumes (depending on your enthusiasm) and drive around from business to business and drop them off. This may seem ‘old-school’ but it still has a success rate.

Persistence not pesky
-When contacting employers before, during, or after a resume/cover letter is sent do not annoy them. It is appropriate to follow up after having sent your information, but do not contact them once a week in hopes they will offer you a position; it is likely at that point your information will be in their shredder. Be persistent in a professional way.

Keep organized
-Among all of the job search chaos, remain calm and organized. Keep a spreadsheet of the jobs you have applied for, the date you contacted them to follow-up, etc. Organization will help you keep yourself sane and allow for fewer mix-ups when it comes to several companies calling you back. It would be unprofessional to not remember the position you applied for if a business calls back months later. Save yourself from embarrassment and anxiety; stay organized.


-Courtney Pray


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