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Keeping St Rose Safe

Security Headquarters

Safety is the priority at Saint Rose. Headquarters is located at 340 Western Avenue, which is at the corner of Western Ave and Partridge Street. Here are a few of many precautions that they take to make sure everyone is safe:

The Rave Alert system sends out a text message if students need to know something immediately. It is meant for the event of an emergency, but is also used for unexpected school closings such as snow days.

Each building has a little black box on the door for card access. Academic buildings lock at night and students must use their ID cards to get in. All resident housing requires card access, and only residents of the individual residence hall, Resident Assistants, and Security can get in.

The blue light system is something that many colleges use. In the case of an emergency, announcements can be made over the speakers. If a student ever feels unsafe, he/she can push a button on the blue light to speak with security and have guards sent to the location.

Security can be called at any time at 518-454-5187 or by dialing 5187 on any campus phone.


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