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Kickin’ it the Freshman Way.

The transition from high school to college can be challenging, exciting and nerve-wracking. First year students sometimes aren’t prepared for how different college is from high school. Not different in a bad way of course, just different in the amount of self discipline and independence that is needed with the new freedom that is gained.

This year I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffery Roche, a freshman on the men’s soccer team. Jeff, number 26, plays right-back for the Golden Knights Men Soccer Team.

Jeff Roche

Jeff Roche, #26 on men’s soccer team.

Before coming to The College of Saint Rose, Jeff attended Valley Central High School where he also played baseball and soccer. Originally, he planned on playing baseball in college, but do to an injury wasn’t able to. Coincidentally we attended the same high school, which is rare for me to find other Valley Central Alum on campus because I’ve only run into a handful of us. I set up an interview with Jeff to find out his views of freshman year so far, how he’s adjusting, and also balancing athletics and school work.

1.       What made you decide to attend The College of Saint Rose?

 Why I decided to come to saint rose was because of the amount of academic scholarship money I received, the small classes, friendly atmosphere.

2.       What is you major and what do you hope to do with it?


My major is business with a concentration in finance, and I hope to become an investment banker in NYC.


3.       So far do you find it hard to balance school work and being an athlete?


Balancing school and soccer is somewhat of a challenge. Sometimes because of missing class for games, but we have mandatory study hall hours that we must complete which allows me to catch up on all the work I missed. The amount of resources here to help me really allow me to do my best in the classroom.


4.       Is moving away from home and living on campus harder or easier than you thought?


It is harder than I thought. I don’t do much shopping or do laundry, so that is all foreign to me and being in a new place for the first time when I’ve lived at home for 18 years is just different.


5.       What do you do in your down time?


I am always hanging out with my teammates just playing video games and playing soccer and studying


6.       Do you have any advice for high school students that are interested in being an athlete while in college?


My advice would be to get adjusted to the college life at home and be more independent when it comes to laundry and cooking because the more adjusted you are the easier it will be for you. Especially athletes who need to be in the weight room, at practice, and at study hall, it’s a lot to balance, and having a plan and some sense of independence will help you

To find out more information on the men’s soccer team, you can visit their website here.

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