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LarkFEST 2012

Hey all!

Today was a great day, indeed! After a week of non-stop studying for my physiology exam, I needed a break. The 31st Annual LarkFEST was the perfect way to get away from campus for a bit!

For those of you who are new to Saint Rose, LarkFEST is an annual one day festival held on Lark Street! There’s free live entertainment, yummy festival food (fried dough, to name one of my personal favorites), local vendors, and fun, free activities for everyone! My friend Bridget won a “The Vampire Diaries” poster for free for just answering one question about the show. Pretty sweet deal if you know your stuff!

This year, we decided to take a different approach and get there early. The Festival officially started at 10, so we got there around 11 before the streets were packed. We got to walk around without feeling like a canned sardine- it was pretty nice!

Lark Street at 11! 🙂

Although there were many vendors, some of my favorites this year were Lil’ Buddha Tea, Animalkind, ShogunLittle Moon, and the Caricature dude. Of course I got one done! I had him make me a cat lady. Perfect.

Bridget and I’s drinks from Lil’ Buddha Tea! The one on the left is Watermelon Ginger, and the one on the right is Apple, Beets & Ginger!

Even if you don’t think you’ll like organic juice, try it! You really might be surprised! Mine had a very rich beet-y flavor. I really enjoyed it!
I hope you all went to LarkFEST and enjoyed it like I did! It’s one of my favorite festivals of the year! So much to do and so much money to waste on things you probably really don’t need. I do it all to help the local vendors. It’s a wonderful thing to get them out and noticed!

What do you think?

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