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Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Forum!

Law School Forum 2014

Law School Forum 2014

Hi everyone!

This past Saturday (6/21) I was lucky enough to attend the LSAC Law School Forum  here in Washington, D.C. As some of you might know, I plan on applying to law school for the fall of 2015 and the Forum gives prospective law students an opportunity to talk personally with representatives from American Bar Association approved law schools. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when I first arrived. Once again, because I am a first-generation graduate, I was going through the process of seeking higher education on my own and I got overwhelmed quickly. So I walked back out and had to take a moment to myself. I doubled check to see if I had my list of schools, my business cards to leave behind with the representatives, and a list of the workshops I wanted to go to. I remembered the luncheon and Mr. Sandman’s speech and I was able to get myself together to go back in feeling more confident.

They offered the following workshops (the one with stars were important to me):

  • Why Law School? This workshop  covered the benefits of a law degree.
  • Forum 101 A workshop on how to get the most from this chance to talk with law school representatives.
  • About the LSAT A member of the Law School Admission Council’s test development staff provided a brief overview of the test. Included insight into the different question types and how to approach them, as well as basic suggestions on how to best prepare for the LSAT.
  • *The Application Process The application process workshop covered the elements basic to applying to law school such as self-assessment, scheduling and timing, the LSAT, the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS), personal statements, letters of recommendation, school visits, and the decision-making process.
  • *Financing a Legal Education The financial aid workshop covered what aid is available, the loan application process, qualifying for federal and private loan programs, credit worthiness, and future indebtedness.
  • *Diversity Information Panel The diversity information panel was an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to ask panelists for general advice about admission policies and application procedures.
  • What Do Lawyers Do? A panel of attorneys representing a diverse cross-section of practice areas informed participants about the profession. Panelists described their career paths and offer details on the skills needed to represent clients effectively.

Once I met my first representative, I found that I had nothing to be nervous about. I asked the questions I needed answers to and I definitely feel I made a lasting impression. I even met with representative’s that weren’t on my list but offered the program I was interested in. Time flew– before I knew it I had spent the entire day at the forum.

On my way back I took the metro train station, a stop I had never taken before. I have never seen a train station so grand, have you? The photo I took below was at the Woodley Park stop.

Woodley Park Metro Train Stop

Woodley Park Metro Train Stop

I hope I was able to provide some helpful information to anyone considering law school. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much about the process just by attending the forum. Tomorrow’s blog will be about my 6 AM hike on the Mount Vernon Trail, hope you enjoy it!

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