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Leave With Christmas Spirit!

So, the closest we get to Christmas to spend with our Saint Rose friends is ten o’ clock on December 15, when we leave for a full month! With this in mind, we don’t really get to celebrate the holidays with our friends who maybe live hours or even (in a few cases) days away from us by car.

Shhhh…!(From Google+)

That’s why my little group of friends is having a Secret Santa. You know, that thing where you pick someone’s name out of a hat and give them a gift without letting them know it’s you, and then when you get your gift, you see if you can guess who had you? Yeah, that. That’s always fun. If you want a little added fun, we had a twist in my high school’s Chamber Choir where you anonymously leave your person a note with their name and a task, be it strange, funny, or just downright embarrassing, to earn their gift. The results were rather hilarious at times:

We’re also planning a pseudo-Christmas Eve/Morning when we’ll be baking cookies and stuff and then exchanging the presents the morning after amidst finals week. After all, it is our the end of our first semester together, you have to celebrate it somehow and leave with great memories!

I plan on video chatting with several of them while we’re gone over break, so maybe it won’t seem so strange to not be seeing them, but still it’s kind of hard to say goodbye to someone you’re probably not going to get to hang out with for a solid month.

At least I’ll get to see my friends who I left back in high school, and in fact, I’m going caroling with said chamber choir above in Saratoga. I’ll also get to see the ones who went to other colleges. My best friend since first grade, went down to Florida for university, and he’s in a program that allows him to graduate with a four-year degree in two years, but this means he has classes every day and only has vacation time of a week for Christmas for me to see him, and I look forward to enjoying as much of his company as I can before he has to go back.

Afterwards, I plan to spend a quite laid-back Christmas with my parents, considering they’re helping me come here. Hopefully, I’ll get to spend New Years’ with some of my favorite friends from home and have a great party.

Are you planning anything special with your college friends, high school friends, or family this holiday season?

What do you think?

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