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Leaves, Sweaters, and Candy Corn:

aka Anne’s ten favorite things about fall (in no particular order). 

1. Apple Picking is always fun. Apples are always good, but something about picking them yourselves makes them more delicious. Plus, Empire apples are never in my store, but I can find them at the orchard. Bonus points: watching your brother try to jump and get some, but fall down into mud instead. Check out where you can pick apples here in Albany.

Pumpkin buying at Apple picking with the family

Pumpkin buying and Apple picking with the family

2. Raking leaves has always been one of the few chores you could get me to do without payment, especially when my brother and I would take the leaves and stuff old clothing to make a scarecrow for the front lawn.

3. If it was sold in stores year round, I would buy candy corn year round. I have a mild addiction. I first bought some at a Stop and Shop in late July….

4. Halloween, who doesn’t love Halloween? My mom, that’s who. Let’s see: dressing up, free candy, parties, and horror, everything I could want in a night. Bonus points because Halloween lands on a Friday this year. Extra Bonus because The Monster Mash is now my ringtone.

My brother and I, Halloween 1990-something.

My brother and I, Halloween 1990-something.

5. October 19th is one of the best days of the year…..because it’s my birthday. I accept cash, check, gift cards, and food. I’ll be 18 this year, so I can finally do all those “adult” things, like actually be allowed in the mall after 4pm on a Friday because fun fact: being 17 and in college sucks.

6. They’re cozy, comfy, and easy, they’re sweaters. An oversized sweater and leggings makes an outfit. When I’m home I raid the upstairs closets for my dad’s old sweaters. Bonus points because you can make them look super cute or look like a total bum and either way is a-okay.

7. Christmas without presents: aka Thanksgiving. A day of great food and good company. It’s when my whole family can get together without anyone stressing about gifts, like we tend to do on Christmas. Plus, there’s usually snow on the ground by that time, so little mini snowmen appear.

8. As a kid, I used to be terrified of the ancient Egypt exhibit at the museum, but now haunted houses and haunted anything are my favorite things. The past few years I’ve gone to the Headless Horseman in Ulster, NY. It’s expensive, but worth it.

9. New to the list: FALL CLASSIC. Being a freshman, this was my first year attending Saint Rose’s leadership retreat, and it was one of the best weekends of my life thus far.

10. So many of my favorite memories take place in the fall, from Halloween traditions and parties, my birthday and Thanksgiving. Here at Saint Rose, I’m planning on making many more.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

until next time,
Anne Marie

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