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Life on the road

It’s that time of year again. Fall travel has come, this means the majority of our counselors have hit the road running.

I’ve been on the road for 2 weeks now, this starts my third week, I’ve already spent time in Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. I personally “recruit’ in Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island but we all lend a hand when another counselor needs coverage. Most counselors are on the road for about 2 months straight (with the exception of most weekends). 

If you’re wondering what exactly “fall travel” entails it usually consists of high schools visits in the morning and afternoon and then a college fair in the evening. High school visits are an opportunity for us to meet with high school students who have interest or want to know more about The College of Saint Rose. We also usually have the opportunity to meet with a guidance counselor at each high school to fill them in on the new programs and physical development we have going on on our campus.

This is a GREAT opportunity for students to come prepared with questions, comments or concerns. Often times students will have one on one attention with our counselors. It really helps if you’ve done a little bit of research so you know what to ask but we are more than willing to tell you all about our school and the programs we offer.

The second part of our day consists of a college fair. College fairs are put on by high schools across the country and they are another opportunity for students and their families to learn more about their options when it comes to choosing the institution that best fits them.

Standard college fair table set up (Image via: Caitlin Stillwell)

The college fairs are filled with tables from colleges all over the country. Some college fairs have about 50 schools attending and some about 200. It is a good way for students to see all of their options especially if they’re just starting their search.

Travel season is a very busy time for everyone in our office and we are jumping from hotel to hotel as we go from state to state or county to county. One of my favorite things about travel (next to meeting new students and families) is the sites I get to see along my journey.

Taconic Parkway- NY-CT (Image via: Abby Ingraham)

I took this picture this morning on my way to Connecticut. I have many, many pictures of beautiful scenery I get to take in on my long drives around the Northeast. (side note: I do not suggest taking pictures while driving, or cell phone use in general, pull over if you need to use your phone)

Here’s another photo that my fellow counselor Christine sent me this morning on her way to Long Beach High School.

As nice and important as it is to meet students and families on the road I always urge everyone to visit campus. It is such an important part of the college search process. If you haven’t already visited The College of Saint Rose an open house is a great way to do so! You can check out the dates and sign up here!

On behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Saint Rose I want to tell you how excited we are to hopefully meet you on the road! If you’re interested in seeing when we’ll be in your area please comment below and I would love to follow up with you.

You can also follow me on twitter at @AbbyStRoseAdmit, where I update where I am, where other counselors are and share some pictures from the road!

Happy fall!

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