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Lima Part Two

Today I woke up really happy- I believe my ridiculously good mood is in part due to my move back into Lima Hall yesterday afternoon.

My friends Ryan and Hazell helping me move into Lima aka The Saint Rose Moving Company

Lima, as you may be aware, is a an all freshman residence hall and I have moved in to take over Lima 4 as the resident assistant (RA). I was worried about the change because I lived on Lima 4 last year as a freshmen and was worried that living there again would some how taint my seemingly perfect memories. However as I was carting my stuff over with the help of some of my friends it became clear that my memories are going to be completely separate from my current living status. When I stand in the hallway I do not feel like it was my home last year, I only feel like it is going to be my home now. This is because there is no way to have the same Lima 4 that existed last year- my work load was lighter, I shared a room, and was one of the residents that was causing mayhem for the RA to have to deal with instead of being the RA.

Yes, if I could have all my crazy friends back in Lima with me I would but what I have learned is to let the past rest and instead look back fondly on memories instead of trying to recreate them. I look forward to the second chapter of Lima 4 and although I know it can not be like last year I know it can still be amazing for a different set of reasons.


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