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Locked Out:(

When you come to Saint Rose, your ID card becomes the most important thing in your life. It allows you to eat, get into buildings for class, and it even lets you in your house/dorm. Without it, you can’t really do anything. Unfortunately, it is common to learn that the hard way.

The other day I was in a rush and finally experienced this. I didn’t realize it until I was walking into St. Joe’s to pick up my check… oops. I have my keys and ID all attached, thinking that this way I would never lose them. Guess I was wrong!  My ID, room key, SEB office key, car keys were all on the inside of my house and I couldn’t get in, so I really couldn’t do much. I wound up running into one of my RA friends who let me in the house so I could locate my RA to open my room for me. Never again will I leave my house without them in hand!

What do you think?

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