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Luck ‘O The Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that my family and I have celebrated every year. Being extremely Irish, and having the pale freckled skin to prove it, we are loyal at wearing our green and cooking our meals. Over spring break, I begged my dad to cook the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage for dinner since I wouldn’t be home for St. Patrick’s Day! It sounds weird, but it is so delicious! St. Patrick’s Day is such a family affair for us Kielys that it never fails to make me think about how lucky I am and reflect on all that life has sent my way.

I suppose St. Patrick’s Day is sort of like an Irish Thanksgiving. So, without further adieu, I present…


 The Top 5 Things I’m Lucky To Have Here at Saint Rose

5. Saint Rose!

I am so lucky and blessed to be at a school like Saint Rose! Despite the awkward Albany weather, Saint Rose is the best life decision I’ve ever made.


4. Teachers!

I have been lucky enough to choose classes with absolutely incredible teachers every single semester here. The passion they all have for their subjects is amazing. I have definitely faced a lot of frustrating challenges, but so far I have lived through it all. Teachers, especially in my major (Communications) go out of their way every day to make sure that their students succeed to the best of their ability.

3. The Student Events Board!

As hard and as challenging as it is to plan events for students to attend, this year on Student Events Board has not only taught me so much, but it has introduced me to so many incredible people. I am on a board of really fun, sweet, encouraging people who work so hard to make sure their events are a success! Watching people enjoy themselves at my events is something really rewarding for me to see. As hard and challenging as SEB can be, I truly am lucky to have been given this opportunity.

2. Friends!

The cool thing about college is that everyone is from different places. With different backgrounds, experiences, and even accents, you can’t help but make friends! Throughout my 3 years at Saint Rose, I have met some beautiful souls here. From my roommates, to classmates, Student Events Board, and even my lovely blogging co-workers, everyone is so warm and welcoming. Everywhere you go here on campus, you’ll know someone! That’s the best part about going to a smaller school. I am so truly lucky to be a part of such a close-knit community.

 1. Surprise!! There is no #1! How could I pick a #1?!?!?

Traditionally, I am not a lucky person. I never win scratch-off lottery tickets, never win raffles, I don’t get lucky with lottery numbers for choosing classes and housing. For an Irish girl, it seems as though I was born without luck! However, in my wise old age of 20, I am realizing more and more every day that although I don’t always win things with luck, I have luck in my life in other ways. I go to a beautiful school with such encouraging teachers, I have wonderful friends, I’m a part of a hard-working, dedicated student organization, and I have a supportive and loving family! What more could I want?

Luck is around us all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to pick it out when we are having a bad day or when something doesn’t go our way, but everyone has a little bit of luck- we just have to take time to find it! Happy St. Patty’s Day, blogosphere!

Totally unrelated to Saint Rose, I’m lucky to have my puppy 🙂

Tully my Cockapoo!

Tully my Cockapoo!

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