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Meet Karsen Hallas ’21, G’22: Finding the right fit in the Huether School of Business

Karsen Hallas

Initially, Karsen Hallas ’21, G’22, a human resource management major with a business administration focus and finance minor, started college at a large university. But after the first semester, she knew the right college experience for her was going to be at a smaller institution closer to her home in Ballston Spa that would still allow her to explore the field she was passionate about – business.

Graduating with her bachelor’s degree later this year, and about a year away from completing her MBA thanks to an accelerated degree path, Hallas is using her internship experience at CHA Consulting, Inc., to discover the area of human resources she wants to focus on in her career.

What are your career plans/goals?

With graduation on the horizon, my goal is to find a full-time position that allows me to continue expanding my knowledge in the field of human resource management. Ultimately, I’m looking for a role that affords me the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in my degree programs in a professional environment across various aspects of human resources. I believe this would prepare me to take on more responsibilities in the future. More long term, I hope to narrow down what area of human resources I’m most passionate about and find a role that is more specific.

What do you love about your major?

That human resource management is incredibly versatile! With a degree in business, there is room for various opportunities and getting involved with all different types of organizations. I love that my major gives me the opportunity to learn and practice a diverse set of skills that can be applied in the classroom, workplace, and daily life.

What drew you to the Huether School of Business and/or Saint Rose?

I knew after my first semester with a large university, I needed a college that was smaller in size and, ideally, closer to home. I was also looking for a degree program that would not only allow me to explore my interests in business but also to establish valuable relationships with professors and fellow students. I’m also grateful that the Huether School of Business program allows me to obtain two degrees on an accelerated schedule.

What classes have you found the most valuable so far?

I believe that all of the courses I have taken at Saint Rose have been valuable thus far. Each course has provided me with knowledge and experiences that can be applied in professional settings. Not to mention, all of my professors have encouraged me and challenged me to work hard at expanding my knowledge, applying new ideas, and becoming as well-rounded as possible.

Have you done an internship yet? If so, what was it and how has it helped you?

Yes, I’m currently a human resources intern at CHA Consulting, Inc. in Colonie, New York. I have been working alongside their human resources team since October of 2020.

Throughout my internship, I have been involved in a diverse group of tasks, which has allowed me to really determine which aspects interest me the most, while applying knowledge and theories from the classroom. I’m a hands-on learner so practical experience and feedback from the individuals on my team has been invaluable. This experience has offered me a tremendous amount of personal growth and excitement for what has yet to come.

Are you involved in any clubs/organizations?

While this past year has made it difficult to get involved in clubs/organizations at Saint Rose, I generally participate in the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success, the Sales Organization, and the Huether School of Business Association.

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