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Mid-Semester Recap

Today is the first day of the tenth week of the fall semester, leaving only a month and change left before we reach winter break!  Just typing that out made me feel REALLY excited, 1.) because I love the holidays and 2.) because I’ll be one semester short of finishing my master’s degree.  

So here’s a little fall semester recap…

I’ve had to turn in fewer assignments than I can count on one hand.  The bulk of my work is due over the next few weeks, bringing a mix of positive and negative feelings of anticipation.  Last Thursday, I finished my first 1-hour class presentation out of three that I have to do this semester (huge sigh released!).  My next presentation is two weeks from today, but now that I’ve done the one, which was my first presentation in a year, I think I can do another with greater confidence.

Presentation 1: complete. Slide from my presentation.

I have been a Graduate Assistant in the Saint Rose Career Center since late-September, so that has been a great learning experience.  I have been training to give overviews of the services we offer (called a Career Center“tour”), critique resumes and cover letters, and conduct mock interviews with students.  I did my first solo sessions of Career Center tours last week and will probably be starting resume critiques on my own soon enough.  It’s great to learn how to provide guidance to students in their pursuit of jobs and career paths, and I feel I am gaining really valuable skills already in this position.

Image from:

While the paperwork process hasn’t been finished yet, I hope to be doing my required 300-hour internship at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs next semester!  I would be placed in the Student Academic Services office working with students with disabilities, possibility international students, and getting exposure to some of the college’s committees, support services, and events.

Skidmore SAS Flyer (Image from:


Last week, I turned 26- and one of my birthday presents was my new 2-month-old kitten!  I named her Mabel.  She’s probably one of the best gifts in the world, end of story.

Little miss Mabel being cute!

I made a fall bucket list, and finished many of the items on my list despite the extensive long-term assignments I’ve been preoccupied with.  Visiting the Hancock Shaker Village near Pittsfield, MA, was probably my favorite autumn activity this year.  I also made 3 batches of apple crisp, brought my older cat out to experience a pile of leaves, and took some gorgeous hikes.

Boyfriend and I with pumpkins at Hancock Shaker Village 🙂

What I can look forward to in the next few weeks…

2 more presentations, 1 lit review, multiple reflection papers, my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding (bridesmaid!), my kitten turning 3 months, and hopefully getting confirmation about my internship placement. 🙂

What do you think?

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