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Music Auditions!

It’s that time of year again – time for prospective Music Majors at The College of Saint Rose to come to the Massry Center for the Arts and audition to be in the music program! The degrees that these students audition for are the Bachelor of Arts in Music, the Bachelor of Science in Music Education, and the Bachelor or Science in Music Industry. Students can also audition for a Music Minor and for Talent Scholarships.

For most music majors, auditions can be quite stressful and, depending on the outcome, can determine the course of their futures. However, at The College of Saint Rose, we work hard to make prospective students feel as comfortable and de-stressed as possible. How do I know this? Well, I work at the music auditions! I have the privilege of welcoming the students as they enter Massry for the first time, guiding them through their audition process, and giving campus tours after their auditions. In addition to this, because I am a music major, I am able to give some insight to the prospective students that they otherwise might not have gotten from other sources. Working at the music auditions is one of my favorite things to do, and I am very lucky to be able to aid these students during this stressful time.

Me, Lyssa, and Fear the Knight all ready for tours! Photo taken by Kayla Germain.

Me, Lyssa, and Fear the Knight all ready for tours!
Photo taken by Kayla Germain.

What is the audition process like, you ask? Well, when you first come to Saint Rose, you enter the Massry Center for the Arts and check in with the music major tour guides. After receiving your audition time and location, you are invited to take advantage of utilizing Massry’s practice rooms, explore the campus, or relax in the Picotte Recital Hall.

The schedule for auditions goes like this: a mandatory meeting will take place in the Recital Hall for parents and students. Then, halfway through the meeting, prospective students will be taken up to the third floor of Massry to take a theory placement exam. This exam has no bearing on whether or not the student is accepted; the exam reflects what theory class would best fit the student once they were accepted and committed to going to Saint Rose. After the theory exam, depending on what time the audition is, students may either warm up in practice rooms or head to their audition. If you are auditioning for the Music Industry program, then after your main audition in the Massry Center, you are instructed to head to a secondary audition in the Hearst Center for Communications and Interactive Media with the Music Industry faculty. Once the audition is over, the students can either take a campus tour or head on home!

Auditions can be very intimidating and quite scary. However, the music faculty at Saint Rose works very hard to make sure the students feel as comfortable as possible. The music professors know that the people auditioning are going to be nervous. They factor that into every audition. When they look at a prospective student, they look at the student’s potential and if they have something to work with. In short, the professors look to see if they have the potential to flourish in the music program.

The Music Audition Dates for the 2014 academic year! Schedule yours today! Photo taken by Genevieve Diller.

The Music Audition Dates for the 2014 academic year! Schedule yours today!
Photo taken by Genevieve Diller.

If you are interested in auditioning for the music programs at Saint Rose, you can contact the music audition hotline at 518-337-2348. Or, for more information about how to have a successful audition, check out the Saint Rose Music Department’s page!

Good luck, and Best Wishes!


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