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Music Industry Showcase: Fall 2014

Not-so-subliminal advertisement!

Not-so-subliminal advertisement!

Hey everyone!  If you’ve read my blog at all you would know plenty about our music industry program and all of the activities and events they host on and off campus.  You would also know that the music students here at Saint Rose are incredibly talented!  So how would you like to come out and see some original music written by these students?  Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 9, is this semester’s Music Industry Showcase!  Here’s the itinerary for the show:

5:30 – Doors open at Jack’s Place

6:00 – Professor Lee’s Songwriting Class

7:00 – Relocate to Campus Theatre

7:15 – Rose Record Label Group

8:15 – Back to Jack’s Place

8:30 – Recording Ensembles

9:15 – Back to Massry

9:30 – Rose Record Label Group (repeat performance)

There is a limit on the number of people allowed into the performance hall sets, so if you miss the first one there’s always the second go-around!  I know I’ll be going and if you have any interest in fantastic music you should go too!  It’s gonna be an awesome display of our student’s wild musical talent, so don’t miss out!  I hope to see you all there!

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