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My first Nationals game!

Hi Everyone!  I hope you were able to stay cool and have a great weekend!  It was over 100 degrees all weekend here in DC.  Despite the weather, I had a lot of fun going to my first Washington Nationals game.  A few of us bought tickets a couple weeks ago, otherwise we might not have gone because of the heat; we went to the 4:00 game on Saturday and it was 106 degrees!

Washington Nationals

We ended up only sitting in our seats for a couple innings since they were directly in the sun.  Luckily there were enough other places to go in the stadium where we could be in the shade and still watch the game.  At one point, my friend Alex got light-headed and almost fainted (ironic that it was exactly one month ago Saturday when I fainted in church!).  Thankfully, she started feeling better after we got something to eat.  We ended up staying until the game was over.  It was exciting because the Nationals won 4-1!

Alex and I avoiding the sun

After the game, we went into Chinatown for dinner and then met up with friends to go to the movies.  I was really excited for the air conditioning at the restaurant and the movies.  Unfortunately, about halfway through the new Spider-Man, the AC stopped working.  At one point, I felt like I was back at the baseball game because it was so hot!  I’ve got to say that I am really looking forward to the 80 degree weather that we’re supposed to be having this week!


Hope everyone has a great Monday!  Check back on Thursday this week for my next post!

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