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My New Best Friend- Siri

In college it is no surprise that there a million different things all going on at the same time and it is easy to forget something in the constant shuffle. That is why this week I want to talk about Siri, the assistant that comes installed in the iPhone 4s. Do not worry I am not getting paid to endorse Apple, although once I graduate college that wouldn’t be a bad gig, I am writing this to explain the importance of a planner.

There are a bunch of different planners out there on the market but I was just never able to get into writing things down and carrying a book with me. I bought a planner my senior year in HS to keep up with all my clubs- used it for a week. I bought a planner at the beginning of this year- a pen never touched its pages. I could never force myself to write things down but once I got a BlackBerry I would occasionally type things into the calendar but even that didn’t help my planning problem. Over March break my BlackBerry kicked the bucket and I bought an iPhone 4s and inside its fragile glass body I met my new best friend.

Siri Can Not Seem to Find my Dog Brisco Though…

Her name is Siri and Apple bills her as a personal assistant that lives in your phone. The best thing about using Siri is that she really acts as one and I never have to write down or even type an appointment, meeting, or reminder ever again (or until I move onto another piece of equipment). Just last night I forgot to print my PR homework so as I drifted to sleep I told Siri to remind me in the morning to do so and she did.

In whatever form of a planner works for you I just urge you to get one although I doubt the paper versions will tell you bed time stories.

A Dot Means Something “Important” is Happening in my Life

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