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My New Orleans Experience: Day One!!!


Hello everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying their vacation! I am so excited to be writing to you from New Orleans! I am currently on a College of Saint Rose Alternative Spring Break Trip. This is my first time in New Orleans and I can say this week is going to be an eye opener for me!


Yes......That is me up there!! Photo Credit: Natish Davis

So I started my first day of  volunteer work on a roof……WHAT? The first thought on my mind was, “How do we even get up there?” There was a way up there alright. The main goal was to gut out the old roofing materials and prepare to install the new roofing. Trust me….this was not an easy task.





Look at Tara Parker gutting out some old roofing material...GO!


Good thing that this was not a one person task. Three others and myself were working so hard all day in the hot sun. My good friend Tara Parker was the Queen of Roofing. I could honestly say that she taught me a few things (like how to hammer a nail…and how to pull a nail up off a piece of plywood). My experience was truly enjoyable with a group of people.








I am so geared up and pumped to be working!!


I can honestly say that this was a great first day. I never done any “roofing” before, but learning the craft was amazing. Being able to help rebuild in New Orleans warms my heart. Even though I am doing something small like, “roofing”, I know that my efforts are going to change someone’s life. I am truly honored to be a part of this trip. I never expected that there are still houses in need of renovations today.

Thanks for reading this post. Keep looking out for more posts this week! See you all soon!


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