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New Year, New Goals


As we are into our third week of school I am hoping many current students are getting back into the groove of things on campus, I know I am already! I am super duper excited to be back after the winter break and honestly was ready to get back to classes and having fun with friends around Albany. It was nice to have a little break to go home and be back with my family and enjoy the holidays. After finals it was a good winding down period where I could finally take a breath and relax. The break was great for me, and I hope it went well for many others too. I spent a majority of my break working and building on my skills to get ready to take on this semester!

Even though it is only the third week of classes it already seems like it is going to be a great time. So far I love all of the courses and the professors who do a astounding job getting you into the spirit to learn. I also had the opportunity to meet some more amazing people through those classes. Obviously my end point is the same as last semester, get good grades and have fun while doing it, but since this is a new year and everyone is doing ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on Facebook I figured that I should make some new goals for the spring. I am the same person I was last semester and I don’t plan on changing that, but there is always room for improvement, no matter who you are. Also feel free to use some of my tips that are within each goal I set below.

Goal #1: Study More and Stay Organized

I may not have done enough studying for everything I had going on last semester and to combat some of my procrastination I decided I need to use a planner and several calendars. A planner is something that many college students use and it is a good thing to keep track of all your homework, tests, and also any important dates. I did not believe I really needed one last semester and I ended up double booking myself several times, which wasn’t the best for me. I also keep my calendar on my iPhone synchronized to my desktop calendar on my laptop, this is a constant reminder of all the stuff I have on my schedule and I can remember when I need to be studying.

Goal #2:  Go Out More

I want to explore Albany, I know that I have done many things off campus last semester, but I want to experience more than that. It is important to give yourself some “me-time” that will help you keep your sanity when it happens to be a hectic week in the regular life of a college student. For my “me-time” I normally hang out with friends around campus or take a trip to Crossgates Mall, but I am just looking for more. Albany is a great place to do this, there are literally so many things to do within walking distance of the campus it still amazes me today, but maybe this will be later in the semester when it is a little bit warmer.

Goal #3 Believe in Yourself

I normally believe in myself no matter what I try to do, but there comes a time in everyones busy life that you think to yourself and begin to doubt what you are doing. Have confidence in yourself and go for any opportunity that comes your way. If you want something, go for it. The only person that holds you back in your journey is yourself and nobody can tell you that you cannot do it, prove them wrong!

So basically those are my three major goals for this semester. I hope that some of these might help someone else realize there are things that they can do to better themselves because this is a time to have fun and it is also a time to get the best education possible. Trust me it is hard, but the education and social life really can work together in good harmony.

Also, I wanted to give a huge shout out to all of those whom were involved in the MLK Week of Celebration. Each day showed our unity and how much Saint Rose cares about social injustice throughout the country and more. I personally attended a Black Lives/Blue Lives Matter discussions session with Detective Aaron Collington from the Troy Police Department which was an eye opening experience and was a great discussion among the many faculty, students, and spectators as it was very engaging and brought light to topics that are very important. I also attended the MLK Semi-Formal Gala, where many speakers shared their visions including phenomenal speeches by Sarah Kittle (Graduate Assistant in the Office of Intercultural Leadership), President Stefanco, Guy Rozier (Assistant VP for Development), and Dr. Shai Butler (Associate Vice President for Student Success and Chief Diversity Officer). Pictures Below!

Until next time Saint Rose, Vito out.

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