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New Year, New Me…Or Something Like That

Well here we are friends, about a month into a new year, and a new semester is officially in full swing. I am someone proud to say that I have the unpopular opinion that I think New Year’s Resolutions are kind of pointless, especially for myself. I never seem to be able to stick to them. And let’s be real, my workout clothes and yours have made it as far as the car, and have no plans to leave and actually go to the gym. So instead of compiling a list of resolutions I’ll probably never achieve, I thought a Spring 2016 bucket list would be a little more obtainable, so here goes nothing:

  1. Complete Every Assignment (at least) 2 Days Early. When it comes to procrastinating the completion of extremely undesirable tasks, I am a professional. Finding the motivation to sit down and get to work is extremely challenging from time to time, and I somehow manage to always push things off and then scramble to do them at the last minute, which is just unnecessary stress. So for this semester, I have already set deadlines in each day of my planner for a small task to complete, and using this blog to hold me accountable for actually doing that!
  2. Explore Campus More Often. As a crazy busy student, leader, RA, and Chipotle enthusiast, I find myself with little free time to explore little hidden treasures of campus that I haven’t found yet. Who knows, maybe I still haven’t discovered my favorite (and most productive) study spot!
  3. Do Something Cool for Spring Break. This will be the first year that I have not done any sort of Alternative Break Service Trip since coming to Saint Rose, so I’m a little at a loss of what college students are actually supposed to do for spring break. I’ve got a serious case of Wanderlust, so knowing me, I’ll probably find myself in Canada.
  4. Attend a Club Meeting I’ve Never Been To. Our campus is FULL of awesome clubs that host really fun meetings and events. I get so caught up in what I’m involved in that I forget to get out and explore what others are involved with. Anyone involved have any suggestions?
  5. Find a New Hobby I Enjoy. I’ve tried knitting, and failed. I’ve tried being an extreme couponer, and failed. So now it’s time to find something I can actually stick to in order to take some “me time” and find something new that I can add to my list of skills.

So what do you think? Do you have a list of resolutions that you’ve already pushed aside, or are you sticking strong to them? Leave a comment and get the conversation going!


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