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“One Down, Seven To Go”

Woo Hoo!

The first semester is coming to an end and everyone is packing up and heading home. Being that this semester was my first semester for my college career, it was definitely an interesting, challenging, exciting, annoying, long, short, busy, tiring, happy, energetic, fulfilled few months. In this time, we freshman have made all new friends, lived in a box for three months, learned the best times to go to the dining hall, learned when not to go to the gym, learned that no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you can be productive and get homework done in the dorms, you can’t. And finally, after one too many hours in the basement of the library, you can go insane– or even worse get the “library twitch” (symptoms become apparent after three hours of staring at a computer screen and or notebook). Overall it’s safe to say that we’ve learned the ropes, by now our parents aren’t calling us asking if we are eating properly, doing laundry, and homework. Now they have faith in our “survival skills.”

Just the other day I got a text message from my mom informing me of the date, time, and location of our dreaded annual family dinner (even though I’m probably the only one who dreads it). Anyway, this year when I opened that text, I was actually quite excited. I mean how bad can it be? I won’t be eating dining hall wraps for the 15th time that week and everyone will be so happy to see me. This year might actually go my way. And then I realized, every single person at this dinner will be asking me the same three questions over and over again: 1. “How’s school?”; 2.”How’s swimming (sports)?”; and finally 3. “How’s the food?” (with an unsure face as if they think I’m homeless and am finding food on the streets or something). And you know what’s really funny, I can already tell you every single one of my answers: “Good.”

But seriously, all sarcasm and jokes aside, I’m super excited to see my whole family all at one table. It’s kind of nice and comforting to know that although my life has changed drastically over the last few months, when I go home everything is back to normal again. But like everything in this world it’ll only last a little while, and then we’ll be back at school grinding out work, writing papers, and of course having fun seeing all of our new friends again.

It’s almost like living a double life!

Well, I hope everyone has a fantastic break!

Catch ya later Golden Knights!

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